The Tank Blanket fits any standard 275 gallon oil tank, It's a snap to put on and hides that unsightly tank.
patent pending and proudly made in the USA!

The tank blanket is a patent pending revolutionary new way to cover your oil tank. It takes 10-15 minutes to put on and fits standard 275 gallon oil tanks. A great home improvement project to beautify your landscape or basement. We offer various colors and patterns to fit your specific needs. If you don't want to waste money hiding it behind a wall in your basement or pay hundreds for a PVC storage tank cover then our oil tank cover is perfect for your home.

If you are in the oil business or work around oil tanks such as in construction, plumbing, and all types of home improvement, we would love to partner with you to create an oil tank cover with your own logo to put on your customer's tanks.

          Before                                                                                                                    After
            Before                                                                                                                 After                                               
           Before                                                                                                                 After


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