Home Heating Oil Tank Covers

The Tank Blanket is a decorative cover for unsightly home heating oil tanks.These fuel tank covers can be used indoors or outdoors.The Tank Blanket is made of a durable acrylic coated woven polyester with a clear back coat. The Tank Blanket is uv and mildew resistant. Made out of a light weight fabric that provides long lasting durability without the high cost.These universal heating oil tank covers are made to fit any 275 gallon fuel oil tank in any location. Has removable side panels for use in areas with tight side wall clearance. Simple to use. Opens in the back to fit around any pipe configuration. Back is designed for zero wall clearance and the top has a vented opening to allow air flow.Cover your tank in just minutes. Save time and money because there is no messy painting sanding and are a fraction of the cost of other covers. Our covers blend nicely with most interior or exterior surface colors. Patented made in the USA with a 100% satisfaction guarantee Also visit www.tanktoga.com for updated information.



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Also visit www.tanktoga.com for updated information.